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Learn all the essential skills you need to start playing the Guitar. | Guitar Academy Vincent Hearn and Sam Cotton

Course description

This course is designed to give you everything you need to play the Guitar.

This course has loads of modules that will take you from a beginner to an advanced player. Lessons are also added every month at no extra cost.

Learn essential skills from technique to theory whilst learning some awesome songs.

Modules include

  • How to read TAB
  • Chords
  • Playing Along with a Track
  • Power Chords
  • Scales
  • CAGED System
  • Pop / Rock and Acoustic Playing.

And More!

All of the lessons are easy to follow and will teach you some of the essential technical elements you need to start playing some of the songs you love. This course will get you playing along to a track and show you some essential techniques when moving on to teach yourself some of your favorite tunes.

The Course has been designed by Guitar Academy in Petersfield. We are a full time dedicated Guitar School in the UK. Made up of professional musicians.

Lessons delivered by Tutors Vincent Hearn and Sam Cotton

You also get access to great support from us at Guitar Academy.

Choose this online course to get your started on the right track to becoming a Guitar Superstar!

Category: Music / Instruments

    • A computer to access the course.
    • A Guitar
    • Plectrums
    • Electronic Guitar Tuner
    • Loads of awesome videos with more added regularly. Litterally hours of content that grows with you.
    • To learn how to read TAB
    • To learn Open position Major and Minor Chords
    • To learn Power chords (5th chords)
    • To Learn how to keep time and play to a track.
    • And more with lessons added every month at no extra cost!
    • Complete beginners wishing to learn the Guitar
    • Students who want to learn the basics to help them become independent learners.
    • All ages and abilities
Vincent Hearn and Sam Cotton
Vincent Hearn and Sam Cotton

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Course Curriculum

Guitar Theory Beginner
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Introduction to Rhythms
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CAGED Bar Chords
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Major Scales
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Pentatonic Scales
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12 Bar Blues
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Natural Minor Scale
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Extra: Guitar Maintenance
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